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The Alluring 80s Hit That Spent A Record 43 WEEKS On The Pop Charts | Professor of Rock

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How Marc Almond and Soft Cell combined two sixties classics to create The 80s club smash Tainted Love /Where did our love go? From Gloria Jones and th...

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How Marc Almond and Soft Cell combined two sixties classics to create The 80s club smash Tainted Love /Where did our love go? From Gloria Jones and the Supremes which spent a record of weeks in the top 40.

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It’s game over for sure. This is a song that sends an electric shock to the system and flings you to the dance floor: It’s undeniable. UNDENIABLE!!!
It all started in 1981 when The British synth pop duo, Soft Cell, stutter-stepped into the spotlight taking an obscure song, originally recorded in the 60s, re-recorded in the 70s, and re-creating it into a mesmerizing New Wave treasure, that should’ve been a no doubt about it #1 on the billboard hot 100 but alas it is #1 in our hearts.

This is the story of “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. Soft Cell was comprised of singer Marc Almond and instrumentalist Dave Ball.
The two met in ‘77 while they were students at Leeds Polytehnic, in Leeds, England.

They formed Soft Cell in ’79.Soft Cell did not garner long-term success in the U.S., But, they were more than just a flair in their native UK- with 5 singles that broke the Top 5, and 7 other releases that reached the Top 40.

1981 was a very fertile, creative year for music, especially in the UK. And soul music was one of the chief instigators. As former lead singer of Kajagoogoo Limahl would say, who had their own smash in the early 80s with Too Shy Limah told me about soul music’s influence on New Wave in a recent interview:

At that moment, The 2nd British Invasion was on the verge of hitting America- as the impetus of New Wave, and Soft Cell was a big part of that movement with their captivating version of “Tainted Love.” Thank heavens that Marc Almond saw Gloria Jones in that club so many years ago

“Tainted Love” was actually written in the early 60s by Ed Cobb, who played bass in the original lineup for the LA group- The Four Preps. He was also a writer, producer, and artist manager.
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