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Luke Ford On All That Jazz (1-24-22)

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https://rumble.com/user/AllThatJazzShow Matt writes: Here in this video I talk to Luke Ford and his early experiences of being a young person in Austr...

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Matt writes: Here in this video I talk to Luke Ford and his early experiences of being a young person in Australia interested in writing; never doubting his writing ability; moving out of the 7th Day Adventist community and opening up to the secular world; how groups tend to have painful rituals to bond together quicker; going from a 7th Day Adventist and then to a public school; the 'fruits' of breaking the Sabbath; avoiding confrontations while in the home; giving up the religion he grew up in; wanting to be a journalist; chronic fatigue syndrome that he thinks was brought about by being a vegetarian; being an online blogger (that made money) from 1997 - 2007; writing on the porn industry - making some enemies along the way; how he sees that most people are damaged by porn; writing on the porn industry 'killed' his own attraction towards porn; 12 step groups and how emotional sobriety became a primary goal; high protein meal don't make you sleepy; why he thinks the vegetarian diet is damaging to one's health; listening to Dennis Prager; becoming interested in Judaism and eventually converting to Judaism in 1993; Though the 12 steps accepting his own role in the interactions with other people; if he gets humiliated now he thinks "what part of reality am I missing/not accepting?"; Alexander Technique - how it helps him with relaxation & thinking - when you're more at ease, your thinking is clearer; 5 books he wrote; why he think Prager's views are being influenced by the position he's in & why he disagrees with Prager on Covid & vaccines.

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