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Freeing Women from Sex Slavery w/ Grace Williams

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Grace's Ministry: https://www.childrenoftheimmaculateheart.org/ Hallow: https://hallow.com/mattfradd Support the Channel!: https://pintswithaquinas.co...

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Grace's Ministry: https://www.childrenoftheimmaculateheart.org/

Hallow: https://hallow.com/mattfradd

Support the Channel!: https://pintswithaquinas.com/support/

Spe Salvi: https://www.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_ben-xvi_enc_20071130_spe-salvi.html

Last Conversations of St. Therese: https://amzn.to/3B9p3b3

Study on Sex Trafficking: https://www.sandiego.edu/news/detail.php?_focus=57024

00:00 Start
2:10 Seeing snow for the first time
3:13 Congratulations for getting married
3:22 Grace’s ministry (apostolate)
4:16 Keeping the perspective of redemption always
4:54 Supporting the ministry
5:19 How did she become Catholic
9:43 How did she get into the ministry
11:07 How did Children of the Immaculate Heart start
14:02 The focus of the ministry
19:28 Study on sex trafficking
23:36 Trigger warning
23:48 Scope of the problem
26:09 What parents need to ask themselves
27:59 Prostitution (and the lack of choice)
30:51 Motherhood brings the wakeup call
34:54 How do people come to Children of the Immaculate Heart
36:59 How does Faith play a part in the ministry
39:46 Psychological distancing
44:57 Planting the seed
46:53 Framework (and Mary Magdalene)
49:27 Pope’s Encyclical
49:49 Feast of Patron Saint of Trafficking Survivors (Josephine Margaret Bakhita)
55:30 Saint Vitalis of Gaza
56:46 Saint James the Faster of Phoenicia
59:07 There is no us and them
1:01:14 The Last Conversations of Saint Thérèse
1:03:03 Saint Mary of Egypt
1:06:53 Saint Margaret of Cortona
1:09:33 Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
1:11:43 One of Matt’s favourite spiritual book
1:12:53 Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity
1:14:53 Song of Songs and Psalms 51
1:19:32 Chronicles of Narnia
1:22:54 Hopes for Children of Immaculate Heart
1:30:39 NCOSE
1:32:17 Start of Questions from Supporters
1:33:06 Planned parenthood
1:35:31 Demographics
1:37:53 Governments
1:39:17 Jeffrey Epstein
1:40:12 Influence of porn industry
1:43:59 Trigger warning
1:50:47 Saint Maria Teresa Goretti
1:52:04 Identity
1:55:23 Wrapup (edited)
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