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Chris Distefano Our German Goth Daddy | Ep 50 | Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla

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0:00 Goth 2.0 With Chris Distefano
2:55 Hipster or History?
3:35 Fat Chris Distefano & No Jewelry During Sex
5:38 Shopping at the Gap
6:34 German Chris Distefano
11:00 Strip Clubs
12:56 Chris Distefano Feels Like He's Gay
20:52 Chris Distefano & Annie Were Roommates
24:36 Surrogates & Child Birth
27:48 How Chris Distefano Balances Career & Kids
31:10 Wide Birthing Canal & Big Boobed Surrogates
38:20 Esther Facetimes Dave To Meet Chris Distefano
42:05 The Joke That Got Chris Distefano Fired From Netflix
46:28 Podcasts vs Television
49:06 Our Doppelgängers
53:56 STDs & What Is the Clap?
58:17 Knocked Up & Fat and Rich
1:00:39 Beetle Foreplay
1:01:56 Monogamy vs Polygamy
1:05:34 Chris Distefano Puts On Lipstick & Our Old Dads

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Theme Song Written by: Bobby Lee http://instagram.com/bobbyleelive
Intro Animation and Banana Break Song by: Can Nguyen https://wlo.link/@Nacwin

Produced by: George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock - 7EQUIS
Podcast Producers: George Kimmel & Pete Forthun
Editor: Gabby Galon

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