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Bannerman Energy (BMN) - Large Scale, Robust Economics & Near Production

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Sign up for Crux Investor: https://cruxinvestor.com Matthew Gordon spoke to Brandon Munro, CEO and MD of Bannerman Energy (ASX:BMN), to discuss the co...

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Matthew Gordon spoke to Brandon Munro, CEO and MD of Bannerman Energy (ASX:BMN), to discuss the company’s flagship project, the uranium market and the company’s plans going forward.

Our previous interview: https://youtu.be/wH7eFfV5x3M

Bannerman Energy is an Australian listed uranium development company, focused on its flagship Etango project in Namibia. The Etango project is one of the world’s largest undeveloped uranium assets, with all its development permitting in place. The project has been strongly de-risked through extensive drilling, technical evaluation, and operation of a process demonstration plant facility.

Bannerman Energy believes that Namibia holds high potential for the development of its uranium asset owning to the country’s history of uranium production The country possesses a deep-water port, a stable government that understands the uranium industry and a skilled local labour force.
The company believes that it is well-positioned for the impending uranium market upswing, with the market fundamentals supported by various markers originating at COP26.

The Etango project has been developed since 2006, with resource drilling and environmental baseline studies started in 2008. The initial Etango project was aimed at the production of 7.2 million pounds of uranium per annum, with the project reaching a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) in 2015. The DFS showed that the initial project was too large to be viable without a significant offtake partner.

Bannerman Energy was intent on retaining its independence and shifted its vision to a smaller and sustainable operation, leading to the Etango-8 project. The project boasts 3.5 million pounds of uranium per annum with scalability should market conditions change. The project also holds near-surface mineralisation with a 15-year life of mine and satellite deposits within trucking distance of the processing facility.

Bannerman Energy plans to continue the project development in 2022, with it aiming to publish the DFS of the project by the end of Q3.

00:00 – Company Overview
00:40 – Current Position, Recent Updates & Misunderstood Perceptions
03:23 – First World Jurisdictions, Government Support & Development Agenda
06:23 – New Reactors, Current Momentum & Nuclear Depletion
10:11 – Market Background, Large Mines & Low Grade
15:05 – Current Economics, Expansion Potential & Price Signals
19:10 – Incentive Prices, Getting Permits & Mining Ministry
24:55 – Global Reactors, Equity Holders POV & Long Lasting Deals
29:40 – Market Needs, Uranium Fundamentals & Market Movements
34:53 – Spot Prices & Success Time Frame
37:18 – Outro

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