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礼待“白发脊梁”!习近平与老科学家的故事丨Gray-haired backbones -- Stories of President Xi and distinguished scientists

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“繁霜尽是心头血,洒向千峰秋叶丹”,习近平曾这样高度评价为中国科技事业拼搏奉献的老一辈科学家们。对于这些老科学家,他总是牵挂在怀,关爱有加,留下了一幕幕动人瞬间。他用很多暖心感人的举动,表达细致入微的关爱和发自内心的敬意。 "They have worked their hearts ou...

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"They have worked their hearts out, and their hair turned gray.” Chinese President Xi Jinping has spoken highly of distinguished senior scientists who have dedicated themselves to the development of China's science and technology. These heart-warming moments express his respect and care for them, and contain many precious moments.
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